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Thank you for another successful year.
See you at next year's Games, August 4-5, 2017
Moran Taing.

Welcome to the Glengarry Highland Games

Since the first Games were held in 1948, the people of Glengarry have extended close to a million welcomes to visitors who come to see what is estimated to be one of the largest Highland Games in the world. Thousands of people find themselves drawn each year to Maxville to witness an outstanding display of music, dance, sports, fiddling, pageantry, and tradition.

In the course of the day, more than 50 pipe bands are put through their paces to decide the North American Pipe Band Championships™, more than 200 dancers defy gravity in the Highland Dance competition and giants hurl telephone pole-sized cabers and 50 pound iron hammers around the infield. It is a memorable and incredible event.

Jody Mitic, 2016 Guest of Honour

Jody MiticThe Glengarry Highland Games is proud to announce Jody Mitic as their 2016 Guest of Honour. His name has become synonymous across Canada with a never say die attitude and his personal triumph over incredible odds.

A 20 year Canadian Armed Forces veteran and Sniper Team Leader, Jody Mitic lost both his legs in 2007 when he stepped on a landmine in Afghanistan on his third tour of duty overseas. After only a few short months of rehabilitation, Jody was up and walking again. A year after his injury, Jody made national media headlines here at home when he completed the Achilles 5km run on two prosthetic legs, following that, he completed the Canada Army Run half marathon. Not only was Jody’s accomplishment a personal milestone on his road to recovery but it also became a major event that helped inspire change in how the military views and handles injured veterans and their ability to be of service. read more...

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